Multimedia designers are the creative minds behind advertisements, informational videos, and many other types of content you come across online or while watching television. They combine text, audio, animation, photography, and video to create informational and impactful content. The advertising and marketing industry employs multimedia designers to create innovative marketing campaigns designed to entice the digital native. The video game industry relies on multimedia designers to build functional animated worlds. Multimedia designers are also employed by film and television companies that focus on animation, as well as computer-generated special effects. Most multimedia designers work in an office setting, but the atmosphere tends to be more casual in an office of creatives than it is in an office of accountants. Those who work in animation, video games, or special effects often spend a fair amount of time in a digital studio setting. Their work is often project-based, so their work hours vary based on project load and deadline proximity.


The capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage) and even streaming media. The term includes methods of video production and post-production.

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